3 May 2009

Why the IDF Must Fail

Before long, the IDF will attempt to destroy the Iranian nuclear capability.

It will fail.

It will fail because Hashem, the G-d of the Jews and the Creator of the universe, is a jealous G-d, and he will not brook his people – or any other – believing in false gods.

And for many Israelis, the Israel Defense Force is just such a god.

So now the time for the IDF has come.

Its mission to neutralize the Iranian war machine will fail, and with it the IDF ‘god’ – a failed god – will die.

This will certainly leave a great many Israelis confounded and desperate, and will present them with a clear choice: to serve the One, True G-d, Hashem, Master of Legions, or to remain godless, and face a future of overwhelming anxiety and despair.

It cannot be otherwise.

For while the IDF was employed as an instrument to further the will of G-d, there was no questioning its worth or legitimacy.

But when enough Jews began believing that the salvation of Hashem’s Chosen People would come solely through this mere instrument, everything changed.

And when it was used as a tool to force the surrender of His Holy Land to His avowed enemies… with this, the Israelis went too far.

So now the Jewish people will fear G-d – whether they want to or not.

They will fear G-d and G-d alone because the mighty Israeli Air Force will have been dealt a deathly blow. And no one will know where to turn then – save to their Father in heaven, their only true source of salvation.
And the Great Day will be near.

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Anonymous said...

the attack on Osyrak succeeded.
yiu do not know what will succeed. Better to be silent.